Film Credits

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Directed by Robert Manciero

Executive Producer David Statter

Produced by Robert Manciero, Rich Samuels, Kingfish

Co-Producer Dee Werner

Edited by Rich Samuels

Original Music composed and performed by Jace Vek

Associate Producers David Garland

Written by Robert Manciero, Rich Samuels, David Statter, Caroline Downing

Narration performed by Caroline Downing

The Downing Family:
Andy, Mathy, Caroline, and our loving angel, Candace Leigh Downing

The McIntosh Family:
Glenn, Mary, Cassie, and Caitlin – whose spirit is with us always

The Burk Family:
Ray, Lisa, Alex, Brandon, and “Always with us” – Ray, Jr.

The Karambelas-Goff Family:
Dennis, Marion, Devin, Alex and Max

The Brooks Family:
Cheryl Brooks Tony Brooks Tonya Brooks

The Atwood Family:
Karen Atwood Quovaudis Atwood Jason Atwood Beth Atwood Deja prows

Sound Editor Mark. A Wasler

Engineering and Mixing: Facilities provided by Kingfish Worldwide

“Just a Girl”
Written by Kara Vander Pyl, performed by Kara Vander Pyl, produced by Nick Gomez

“The Bully”
music by Alex Burk, performed by Alex Burk

Researchers Dee Werner

Production Assistant Donna Libra

Equipment Facilitator Mike Flynn

Special Visual Effects by Wendell Ayala

Color Correction John Zielinski

Additional video footage provided by FDA Live

Additional Candace Downing photographs provided by Dee Milling

Mark Miller
Holly Parker
Jeffery Roth
Lindzie Ingham
Rosemary McHugh
Ashley Weech
The Staff and Dance Department of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Potomac

The Ya Ya’s

Daniel Klingspor
Alyssa Posey
Cindy Posey
Alexander Posey
Chuck Freeman
Jim Ford
Eddie Collins
Patricia Bissar
Kelli Dealing
Monica Lopez
Stephanie Jeannette
Nancy Young
Roger Sessions

Mike Brannon
Desoto Athletic Club

Melissa Measeles
Brandi Roberts
Lesley Tumbusch

Dr. Ann Blake Tracy
Charles Ray Jones, MD
Alice Lee, L.Ac, MAOM
Donna M. D’Aloia, MA, LMFT
Joyce and James Cornwell
Allan Routhier

Genre: Documentary

Production: Full Vision Productions

Tagline: The story of six kids. Their encounters with anti-depressant drugs. Their lives changed forever.

Plot outline: Six families directly impacted by anti-depressant drugs take the center stage and share their stories, speaking from their hearts. Through their experiences an understanding is being gained that is essential, even critical, when making a decision about the use of these medications.

Runtime: 58 minutes

Country: USA

Language: English

Color: Color

Sound Mix: Dolby

Film locations:

Maryland, Massachusetts
Rhode Island, Connecticut,
Texas, Tennessee,
Utah and California.