The Families

Learn about the people who shared their lives to talk about the effects of anti-depressant drugs.


“The impact on the family was a lot of fear and concern. We felt like we were living on eggshells with Jason. We were constantly monitoring his every move and action.”

– Karen Atwood


“I found out that Ray and his friends had experimented with anti-depressants, I began searching on the internet for any information I could find. The more I read, the more I hated the drug companies. I was mad at Ray’s friends for giving him the drugs. I was mad at Ray for taking the drugs. I was mad at God for allowing this to happen.” “There are so many people prescribed antidepressants that it’s not hard for a teenager to get their hands on it from someone else’s medicine cabinet.”

– Ray Burk


“Little did we know that our whole world would be turned upside down.” “We lived like hostages to these medications, not being able to function as a family, not being able to be with friends and family like we used to do.” “Our children are being used as guinea pigs. As parents, we have to stand up to these drug companies and not allow this to happen.”

– Dennis Karambelas and Marion Goff


“No parent should have to go through what we did. It just breaks my heart what all she has to live with as well as the nightmares we all have over what happened. Until you are there, it is hard to understand what a parent goes through.” “I walked in the bathroom, there was blood everywhere. There was a huge hole. I freaked out, jumped up and down. This wasn’t an accident.” “They should be paying for this. They gave these medicines to these kids – that’s murder…”

– Cheryl Brooks


“12 year old girls don’t just kill themselves.” “When there’s something wrong with your child, anxiety, nail biting and it becomes an issue, it doesn’t have to be treated with these drugs that are being prescribed for these off labels. There is not enough known about them to risk your child’s live on them.” “They can’t keep killing kids. It’s just not right. Candace didn’t deserve this. We didn’t deserve this.”

– Andrew and Mathy Downing.

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“Our lives were turned completely upside down and inside out. Our family was suddenly a very different family. Everything changed. Not only our relationships with each other, but also our relationships with ourselves had been forever altered.”

– Glenn McIntosh